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Electronic Ad Submission Guide

The LANG guide to sending electronic files is to assist you in producing and delivering your ads for newspaper production. Though the information covered is specific to the Macintosh environment of LANG, you may find it useful for other newspapers as well.

What Software We Accept

In order to achieve the most fluid transport of your ad to LANG, we recommend that you create a PDF (portable document format) file of your ad using Adobe's "PDF Distiller". To best accommodate you, LANG can accept files in the following program formats.

The earlier versions of these programs are also acceptable.
  • Quark Express
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF Files)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign / Photoshop

  • NOTE: Please do not send your ads in Microsoft WORD format. This is a word processing program and WORD'S graphic formats do not translate well.

    Advertising Units - Size Chart

    RETAIL SIZES Width/Inches Depth
    Standard Full Page
    6 columns 9.89" 21"
    Double Truck 20.89" 21"
    Note: Display Ad Double Truck - 12 1/2 columns (includes gutter)
    Tabloid Full Page
    6 columns 9.89" 9.56"
    Double Truck 20.89" 9.56"
    Note: Tabloid Double Truck = 12 1/2 columns (includes gutter)

    DISPLAY Width/Inches Points
    6 Columns 9.89" 712.0
    5 Columns 8.22" 592.0
    4 Columns 6.56" 472.0
    3 Columns 4.89" 352.0
    2 Columns 3.22" 232.0
    1 Column 1.56" 112.0

    CLASSIFIED SIZES Width/Inches Points
    10 Columns 9.89" 712.0
    9 Columns 8.90" 640.0
    8 Columns 7.90" 568.8
    7 Columns 6.91" 497.2
    6 Columns 5.91" 425.6
    5 Columns 4.92" 354.0
    4 Columns 3.92" 282.3
    3 Columns 2.93" 210.7
    2 Columns 1.93" 139.1
    1 Column .938" 68.0
    Note: Classified Double Truck = 20 1/2 columns (includes gutter)

    What type of Disk Should You Send

    LANG accepts most of the popular computer disk formats. Make sure to include all document fonts, including those located in Illustrator eps files.

  • Zip Disks (100 & 250mb)

  • Sending Ads by the Internet

    LANG recommends you send your ad directly to our FTP site (File Transfer Protocol). If you choose not to send us a PDF file, you should compress all your ad elements before you send your ad. To do this, place all the elements into a folder, including fonts. All electronically transmitted files should then be compressed with Stuffit or Binhexed using a program such as "Dropstuff". This will both decrease transmission time and reduce the possibility of data corruption. Send the compressed ad file to us via our FTP site.

    FTP Connection

    To Log onto our FTP Site you can use the File Client program for MacIntosh or "WS_FTP" for PC. These programs can be downloaded free at http://www.download.com. Click on "Internet" then "FTP" to get to the download screen.

    Host Site:
    User ID: lang (lower case)
    Password: 1234
    Directory: leave this blank

    To reach our site via web browser type in: ftp://lang:1234@

    Navigate to the ADVERTISING folder.
    Double click the appropriate folder then upload your files.

    Windows Users

    In general there are no major difficulties in transferring ad documents from a Windows platform to the Macintosh computer platform if the ad is done in one of the software programs listed above. You should ask for a proof; however, since it is not uncommon for type to shift spacing parameters after the transfer of the document. Corel Draw users should export their documents as Adobe Illustrator EPS files before sending them to LANG.

    How to Send Camera Ready Art Spot Colors

    Since LANG only uses process colors (cyan, medium red, yellow & black), spot colors from professional color matching systems such as Pantone, ANPA, etc. cannot be matched as a mixed color. You will need to set up your color output with the PROCESS equivalents.

    Double Truck Ads

    The printed size of a standard double truck ad in LANG is 20.89" wide. A tabloid size double truck is 20.89". Because the maximum output width of our imagesetter is only 14", it is necessary for doubletruck ads to be sent to LANG as full-sized Camera Ready art (neg preferred) rather than on disk or via modem.

    Before you Place Files on FTP Site...

    File names must have the proper DOS extension or the file will not transfer properly. Adobe Illustrator — .ai, QuarkXpress — .qxd, EPS — .eps, Tif — .tif, JPEG — .jpg, Text — .txt, Microsoft Word — doc,
    Microsoft Excel — .xl. If you have any questions about any other extensions please call.

    A Note About Fonts

    The Postscript fonts on your Windows based computer do not transfer the Macintosh environment in a format that is usable. Where allowable we will use the equivalent Macintosh based font. Type done in Illustrator or Freehand should be changed to Vector Paths if the file is being imported into a page layout program such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker, or In Design.

    How to Reach Production Support

    Your production questions are always welcome. Though we may not have all the answers relating to specific software technical support, we have a strong background in those technical areas concerning how to get your advertisement to produced.

    Phone: (562) 499-1442

    Phone: (909) 483-9379

    Phone: (909) 386-3837

    Phone: (310) 540-5511 X450
    Phone: (626) 962-8811 X2115 or X2324

    Phone: (818) 713-3571

    Phone: (909) 793-3221 X306

    Shipping Instructions

    All supplements must be bundled in standard quantities and in uniform turns. Pallets or skids must be double banded both directions. Maximum weight 2,000 lbs. per skid or pallet, maximum height 6ft.

    Receiving Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

    Deliver To:
    Daily News/Press Telegram
    Southwest Offset Printing
    13610 Cimarron Avenue
    Gardena, CA 90249
    (310) 515-1305

    San Gabriel Valley Newspapers
    c/o Freedom Printing - OCR
    1701 S. Lewis Street
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    (714) 704-5873

    San Bernardino Sun
    c/o Freedom Printing - OCR
    1701 S. Lewis Street
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    (714) 704-5873

    Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
    c/o Freedom Printing - OCR
    1701 S. Lewis Street
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    (714) 704-5873
    Redlands Daily Facts
    c/o Freedom Printing - OCR
    1701 S. Lewis Street
    Anaheim, CA 92805
    (714) 704-5873

    Impacto USA
    Southwest Offset Printing
    13610 Cimarron Avenue
    Gardena, CA 90249
    (310) 515-1305

    Torrance Daily Breeze
    Southwest Offset Printing
    13610 Cimarron Avenue
    Gardena, CA 90249
    (310) 515-1305

    RedPlum or CIPS/CWD delivery - contact your sales representative.
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